Temporary Staffing

Why Temporary Staffing

Some of the underlying reason that have made companies opt for Temp Staffing:
• Improve focus on core/critical activities
•  Seasonal nature of business
•  Business uncertainties
•  Scale-up or scale-down business

We offer services on the below business lines to suit the above requirements: 
•Industrial staffing
• General Staffing
• Field Staffing
• Professional Staffing
• Technical Staffing/  IT staffing
Office Services
Front Office, Secretarial, HR Executives, Finance and Accounts Executives, Back Office Support, Data Entry Operators, Purchase and Logistics executives, Field Operation Executives, Project Managers, Management Executives
Fleet on Street (FOS), Channel Sales, Tele - Callers, Over the Counter Sales (OTC-Sales).
FITI Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Automobile Technicians, Mechanics, Engineers and Service Engineers.
Programmers, Software Developers, Technicians, Testers, Database Administrators, Systems & Network Engineers.
Voice/ Non-voice, Data Processing Executives.
Customer Service
Counter Sales Retail, Team Leader, Customer Service Association Front end & Back end.