ATM Cash & FLM Management

If you own an ATM you are going to have to make decisions around how to take care of it. First Line Maintenance involves much more basic situations. ATMs are somewhat touchy, so even minor things can take them out of service. When paper moves through a machine, it can cause problems. For example, the receipt paper sometimes jams up. More often, cash jams bring a machine down. Especially because cash tends to be in poor shape, which makes it more likely to cause jams.

First Line Maintenance is available in all locations within our region, servicing both on and off-site ATMS, 7 days a week. Our First Line Maintenance service provides you with initial technical assistance to resolve basic requests. We also have a well-equipped facility for cash management and ATM cash replenishment by which we cater to 250+ ATMs across India. Our well-trained staff backed by a comprehensive network spread across the country enables us to manage FLM services for more than 500 ATMs. With our FLM call-logging and tracking system, we take minimum turnaround time and effortlessly manage the down time and the recovery time objectives.

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